Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro specifications explained

  Let’s start with a quote from “I’m convinced it’s the best new phone of the year so far. Hell, I’ll go one better:...
Samsung will no longer bribe us on using Bixby

Samsung will no longer bribe us on using Bixby

Bixby most certainly is not one of the popular kids in smartphone assistants game. Not only Samsung users didn’t want to use it, but...
Samsung galaxy note 9 reveal date

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 reveal date

The August 9th was the date that earlier this month Bloomberg was rumoring about. And the Note 9 itself recently cleared the FCC. So,...
LG V40

LG V40 with five cameras. How does that work?

While we are just getting used to the idea of dual cameras being on every high-end smartphone. While we are talking about Galaxy S10...
dual camera

Dual camera? How about a triple-camera? Galaxy S10

2019 will be the year of Samsung Galaxy flagships 10th anniversary. So, it’s only natural that Galaxy’s developers are going above and beyond to...

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