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google pixel 2

New google pixel smartphone: pixel 2 release date is not as far away as many would think! The new Google Pixel smartphone is expected to be released for public on late 2017, most likely the smartphone will be released in October. Google Pixel is a new name in smartphone world though it is building on the now defunct Nexus range and they tend to release their new products each year around September and October and as you all know Google Pixel first smartphone was released in October, 2016.

Talking about the new Google Pixel 2, Google says that there will be no more updates on Nexus and they will focus on Google Pixel 2. Hey, and who knows, Google might just go in to Samsung and Apple foot steps and release new smartphone every year or so. We all hope so, its time to put the end to – there are two types of people… there will be three now – Samsung, Apple and Google Pixel, because Google Pixel with their first phone came in this smartphone business very strong and as the rumors has it, the next one will be even more mind-blowing and as the hottest leaks say, they are already working on Google Pixel 3. So lets hear the rumors roundup.

The new Google Pixel 2 might be with a curved screen.

It is known that Google is investing $880 million in in LG’s flexible OLED screens and that totally suggests that the company wants to embrace the magnificence of curved screens on the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

The new Google Pixel 2 will feature an improved chip-set and camera, which probably could make google pixel 2 even more expensive than the first google pixel smartphone.

As the source says the new Pixel 2 phone will be dunkable when it’s released. As P2i says “What the Dunkable technology does is provide a barrier layer, which is extremely thin, but prevents this electrochemical migration occurring and doesn’t damage any of the electronics… or the general working of the device”. So lets get ready for lots of underwater photos, swimming with your phone and not worrying about dropping your phone in the water.

Happy for those who are Google Pixel fans but would have to sell a liver to by it – the source says that Google is working on cheaper version of Google Pixel, it will have down-graded specs, but the price will be much smaller.

Also there has been talk of Google working on a phablet that combines the size format of smartphones and tablets, so this could be a very lucky year for Google Pixel, couse it looks like we can expect 3 new Google pixel products.

It’s rumored that Pixel 2 will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, but it seams kind of fishy while keeping in mind that Google actively highlighted its presence in advertising for the original Pixel.

Sorry to tell you that these are all the rumors that we’ve heard so far. Google may give you a lot of information about everything in the world, just not the Google Pixel 2 new features though.

So, now the main question: what will be the

Google Pixel 2 price

Im sorry to tell you that the source says that the Google Pixel 2 price will be even higher than the old ones. The old ones price started at $649, and XL version at $769, so as you know it was already expensive. So we are not so happy about this. Apple is a big name in hardware already, so it can get away with top dollar prices and although Google Pixel is a great high-end phone lets not forget that it is still a new brand and  if Google really wants to make these phones more mainstream, then for the Pixel 2 the price needs to be much less steep.


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