Google pixel and google pixel xl dual sim cards


The Deal With Dual SIM Cards

What’s the deal with dual SIM cards—what are they, and what phones have them?

A dual-SIM cell phone has slots for two SIM cards instead of the traditional single card. Essentially, it makes your phone a two-in-one with two different numbers. It’s kind of like carrying two phones; except you have everything you need in the one device.

Here’s how it all works.

Google pixel and google pixel XL does not have dual sim card support!

At least for now, lets see if google decides to make theyr customers happy and makes next phones with dual sim card support!

How SIM Cards (and Duals) Work

SIM stands for “subscriber identity module,” and it’s the tiny card that fits inside a cell phone. It’s the SIM card that gives the phone its “identity,” including cell number and all identifying information, and it carries your phone plan and all its features. The SIM card enables you to access your provider’s network and make calls. In other words, it’s pretty much the “brain” of your phone.

If you take out the SIM card, your phone can’t call or access the Internet, and it doesn’t even have a number any more. Now put that card back in, and imagine being able to add a second one. Now you can accept (on that single phone) for two different phone numbers.

If you’ve ever had to carry more than one phone—like one for work and one for personal use—you can begin to see the possibilities of a dual SIM card phone.

Technologically speaking, this capability has been around for a while—but until the release of this year’s new upgrades, there weren’t any models that really handled the practicalities of a dual-SIM feature.


Uses and Advantages of a Dual-SIM Phone

Imagine some of the possibilities that are unlocked by that simple capability of a second SIM card:

International Travel. Now you don’t have to choose between keeping your own number and using a “local” phone when you’re traveling. You can put in a local SIM card for calls in the country you’re visiting, and make calls home from your own number, with no roaming charges!

 Carrying a Work Phone. You can separate your work from your personal life without having to carry a second phone. Send texts and make calls from either number, and keep all your apps and data centralized in the same place.


Choosing a SIM set-up

Dual-SIM smartphones are still pretty rare, and until recently major cell phone manufacturers have not offered them. With the newest releases, though, there are some Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy A7 or Nokia 216 that allow dual SIM.

 Android phones like the Google Pixel, in contrast, don’t support a set-up for dual SIM. The Pixel doesn’t have a second card slot, relying instead on unlimited storage (not to mention recovery and backup) in the cloud, and on the built-in 32 or 128 GB memory.

It seems likely that the dual-SIM setup is going to make a bigger splash in the next year or so, probably with the release of additional dual-SIM cards in the Google line of phones.


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