Google Pixel fixes freezing bug


Today is a big day for those Google Pixel users who value the security functions on their phones. Today Google finally released its security update for Google Pixel Phones.
The new patch is not yet added to automatic updates, but it already can be downloaded manually. So,
if you care about security and your privacy, like I do, then I strongly recommend to every user to download the update manually!

Also quote from Android Police that our long time waited software fix, that old annoying bug that causes Google pixel phones to freeze is finally fixed.

As well quote from Google product forum Orrin, Pixel Community manager says that update should fix most of the reported freezing issues.

Well let’s hope it does, my Google Pixel phone has been freezing once in a while for some time now. This is not a very serious issue but still it’s annoying for sure and easily can get on any user’s nerves. But also lets remember that things like these are understandable for a completely new phone with no ancestors to learn from and that has been out for only a half year.

So how to get your hands on these new updates? To check for Google Pixel system updates, go to:

Settings -> Scroll down to About Phone/ System Updates -> Check for updates -> Download and install the updates.

google pixel update


This June update takes about 45 minutes to install and is 48.6 MB in size. And after update you must restart your phone.
I am currently installing all the new updates and have high hopes on that pixel freezing bug be fixed. But I should tell you that Google while stating that the bug will be fixed also has stated that this annoying phone freeze can be caused by numerous different things and aspects not only by this bug. Will your issue be fixed in this update? Well, let’s hope so.

Edit: I installed all the updates on my Google Pixel phone, and have been using it for 3 hours. For now, everything seems smooth, looks like Google Pixel developers have done their job good, thank you guys for taking care of this awesome device!




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