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Top 5 Games on the Google Pixel Phone

The Google Play Store is never better named than when you’re looking for some fun games to keep yourself entertained! For users of the Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL, here are the top five ranked games to enjoy on your high-resolution screen.


Pokémon GO

pokemon go google pixel

Even if you haven’t played it yet, you’ve certainly heard of Pokemon GO, which has taken the gaming world by storm. Combining real-world GPS with gaming elements, players use their GPS and mapping functions to find and “sight” Pokémon characters. The Pokémon are virtually placed in various sites, and when you arrive at that site and take a picture, the Pokémon character will appear in your photo!

It’s essentially a combination of geocaching (in which players follow maps and coordinates to locate a “treasure” of some type) and scavenger hunt, with players essentially “collecting” sightings of various characters in their vicinity.


Clash Royale

clash royale google pixel
clash royale google pixel

Clash Royale is a multiplayer real-time game that features battles and magic and duels in a fighting arena. Characters include knights, princes, dragons, princesses, and more. Players can duel against other participants from all around the world, winning trophies and crowns, not to mention renown and glory.

The tiered arenas allow players to advance in prowess and build their card collections with defensive spells and characters. The multiplayer aspect also enables players to form up in “clans” for sharing of cards and tools.


Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider google pixel
Traffic Rider google pixel

Following on the heels of the popular Traffic Racer, Traffic Rider places the player on a motorcycle for a game of action-filled road racing. You can choose from more than twenty-five bikes, and enjoy the details of high definition visuals and real recorded bike sounds as you ride.

The game features more than seventy missions, and players compete against one another with real-time online leaderboards and more than thirty different measured achievements.


Minecraft (Pocket Edition)

Minecraft (Pocket Edition) google pixel
Minecraft (Pocket Edition) google pixel

This mobile version of the ever-popular Minecraft game is specifically designed for “pocket” play on phones like the Google Pixel. Players construct an entire virtual world full of castles, forts, islands, and whatever else you can imagine. In an entirely open “sandbox” environment, you can use the available building tools to construct anything you dream up.

The mobile version makes concessions to the smaller screen (like highlighting rather than outlining the blocks being moved) without losing any of the scope or possibilities of the original game. Some users even report that the graphics are an improvement over the PC version. Players can team up to build together in a shared world.


Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man 256 google pixel
Pac-Man 256 google pixel

With many players enjoying retro games, Pac-Man is still a favorite among Google Pixel gamers. This game offers a great combination of a classic game with updated graphics and interactive possibilities. With more than fifteen available power-ups, players can outsmart those ghosts with laser, giant, tornado, and other options. Those familiar with the original game will enjoy the addition of revived original characters like the ghosts Spunky and Funky.


Whatever your taste in gaming, the Google Play store and your Google Pixel phone can keep you entertained endlessly!

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