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Comparative Pricing: the Google Pixel Phone

 You’ve made a great choice in selecting the Google Pixel phone to complement your lifestyle, and now you just want to find the best deal on the phone. You can purchase the phone as a stand-alone at some retail stores, or as part of a plan with various carriers. It gets a little confusing, so here’s a breakdown of the different costs you’re looking at. Whether you’re looking for a new carrier-and-phone package or just wanting to pick up the phone itself, you can pick what works best for your life!


Buying a Stand-Alone Phone

Here are some of the best places to go shopping for a Google Pixel phone. You will find several options listed, including those with slightly higher prices, because sometimes your have additional reasons for shopping at a specific place. Membership in a store rewards program, for example, might influence your shopping choices.

  • Google’s Online Store, $649. You can go directly to to purchase your Google phone straight from the manufacturer. If you qualify for Google Store Financing, you can make monthly payments of $27.04 for a period of two years. Phone purchases have zero interest, but all other purchases ring in at 30% APR.
  • Best Buy, $749. Interestingly enough, you can make 24 monthly payments of $27 each, which rings in at a total of $648 over the two years. If you qualify for Best Buy financing, clearly the financed offer is the better deal.
  • Amazon, as low as $440. You can find a great deal on Amazon, so long as you take care to look into the seller. Make sure they have positive reviews and a good reputation in the Amazon community.



Signing Up With a Carrier

  • Project Fi, $649. The phone itself costs $649 whether you pay up front or take advantage of their 24-month financing. Project Fi is a Google phone service that allows phones to shift among different networks. In addition to the phone price, the simple and straightforward plan pricing runs at $20 per month plus $10 per GB of data used.
  • Verizon, $649. Like most others, Verizon permits users to pay for the phone over two years, with payments of $27 per month. In addition to the phone price, Verizon offers a 5GB plan for $40 per month, or unlimited data for $65 per month, plus a “line fee” of $20 per month. In other words, the cheapest plan will cost $60 monthly in addition to your phone payment.
  • AT&T and Sprint. AT&T and Sprint do not sell the Google Pixel phone, but the phone itself is compatible with the networks. You can purchase the phone from one of the retail stores mentioned above, and use it with the “bring your own phone” option with either of these carriers. If you are already a customer with one of these carriers, you can simply switch over to your new Google Pixel phone after you purchase it.

As phone was release price was about 800 Euro’s, and as with all phones, google pixel price goes down with time.


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