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Check the Tech Specs on this Google Pixel

As cleverly constructed as it is named, the Google Pixel is the latest in a line-up of phones powered by a giant in the industry. Here’s a comprehensive look at the Pixel and all its tech specs and design features—in other words, a breakdown of the Pixel, inside and out!


A Pixel-Perfect Picture: Design and Exterior

Anyone who has dropped a phone (in other words, everyone!) understands the importance of a tough and durable phone frame!

In that moment when the phone leaves your fingertips and makes its slow-motion tumble (doesn’t it always seem that way?) toward the pavement, you’ll be glad of the aerospace grade of aluminum that goes into the Pixel framework. In that same moment you’ll be grateful for the rough-and-ready Gorilla Glass Four that reinforces the 2.5 D Corning screen.

The phone itself weighs in at a lightweight 143 grams (five ounces), and measures five and a half inches long by two and a half wide, and just one-fifth of an inch thick. The screen runs edge-to-edge across the width, with about a quarter-inch frame at top and bottom where the “home” button, camera, and speakers hold their places.


Pixel Power: Battery and Memory

The Pixel phone runs of a 2,770 mAh battery with extended standby time (as much as nineteen days), talk time (as much as 26 hours), internet usage time (up to thirteen hours on wi-fi or LTE), video watching (thirteen hours), and audio playback time with headsets (over one hundred hours).

The battery runs for hours upon hours even while in use, and charges in practically no time at all. Put it on the charger for a quarter-hour, and use it for another seven hours!

The Pixel also comes standard with a four GigaByte LPDDR4 RAM memory, plus storage of 32 to 128 GB. Combine that storage with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and you’ve got a supercomputer in the palm of your hand! (No joke. Men went into space with less technology than you’ll find in this phone.)


“Pixel This:” Screen, Display, & Camera

As its name implies, the pixel prioritizes pictures and display! With its large screen and high resolution, this phone boasts a better camera than many dedicated digital photo set-ups.

The main camera features an f/2.0 aperture, laser detection auto-focus, and phase detection auto-focus. The front camera is fixed focus ideal for selfies, and an f/2.4 aperture. Enjoy still photography and videography alike, with stunning results.

The Pixel rocks a long list of sensors that enable its “smart” functions like the pixel imprint, a back-mounted sensor for fast unlocking with a simple fingerprint. It also boasts an ALS proximity sensor, gyrometer, accelerator, magnetometer, barometer, and an advanced level x-axis haptics to provide a defined sharper response.


The pixel is as sharp a phone as its name implies, with sleek features and impressive tech specs!

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