Google Pixel vs iPhone 7


Google Pixel is a very impressive Google branded phone but the question is, is it enough to give iPhone 7 plus a headache? Most of the smartphones are expected to release new models with new even better specs on yearly bases just to meet the demands and satisfy the consumers never-ending needs. On the one hand, Apple modules have earned so much fame and popularity with iPhone brand, that maybe Apple should not worry about Google Pixel? Well guess again.This is very unusual for Apple to have a new branded but already so strong competitor, but given fast increasing people demands for newer, better stronger functions of their phones, the Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 competition is real.

Iphone 7

Apple iPhone 7 was launched in September 2016 and the rumors were true because it has not changed from its predecessors. It has added some new and interesting updates to improve the quality – camera and quality of waterproofing.

Also, there is a strong hope that in 2017 we will see the first OLED display iPhone ever. The new phone model will be in a completely new shape and will have the latest updated functions with a new body style. Also, hidden under the display glass will be the touch ID Home key.

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7

So, lets see the main differences in tech specs of both phones and compere which is stronger in what way, Google Pixel vs iPhone 7.

Google Pixel

Like Apple, Google pixel also came in the market with two handsets: Pixel (5in) and the Google pixel(5.5in). This looks like almost the same as Apple’s iPhone 7 but still, both the phones have some similarities and major differences. Here are the main differences in both phones. Google Pixel smartphone:

  • It is light in weight – 143 grams.
  • It has MSM8996 Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 quad-core CPU.
  • It has ram of 4gb
  • Its storage is 32GB or 128 GB.
  • The phone has amazing 12.3 MP camera with f/2 aperture and front camera of 8MP, f/2.4 aperture which is just perfect for selfie lovers since it is the best jet.
  • It has 7.1 Nougat Android software that shows the best results.
  • It has very quick charge battery with the 2770mAh.
  • Phone comes in 3 different color cases – white, black and blue.

To read about all the tech specs of Google Pixel go here.

Apple iPhone 7

  • It has the weight of 138g, so it is lighter in weight as Google Pixel.
  • It has 4.7inch and IPS Retina and a wide color gamut with 3d touch.
  • It has an excellent processor with the apple A10 fusion CPU quad core 2.34GHz.
  • Storage is 32GB, 128GB and there is the pro – it offers 256GB memory storage.
  • It has the camera of 12MP, f/1.8 aperture, with the front camera of 7MP, f/2.2 aperture.
  • Battery though is less powerful then Google Pixel -1960mAh.
  • It is available in the market in different colors for different tastes – silver, gold, rose gold, black, and jet black.


Both the sets have claimed to have the best camera to meet the needs of the people therefore both the phones are considered the smartest Smartphone on the planet. Both the phones have the innovative and eye-catching designs that are made after identifying the needs and requirements of the users. Both the phones have that luxury look that also have those luxury prices.

Certain Features

There are some of the certain features that are only specified with the pixel phones such as pixel launcher, original quality photo or video with unlimited storage, smart storage, pixel camera app, 24-hour phone support hotline. And travel lovers will also enjoy the perks of quick charging and long lasting battery.

With phones, first you need to fall in love with the looks of it, which is why the beauty of its outside is also a critical factor for phones. Google Pixel design is considered to be the best one jet and has high quality Google fingerprint scanner on the back of the device.

Overall, we have to say that both smartphones meet all the needs and demands of consumers, it just depends on which phone specs are most important to you and what kind of lifestyle you have.


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