Google pixel XL


Looming Large: the Google Pixel XL


Loyal fans of Android phones series are excited to welcome the Pixel and Pixel XL as the first phones entirely produced by Google. The Pixel XL is the most “fully loaded” of the Google phones, and definitely the heavy favorite among users. Here’s the breakdown on the XL to help you decide what you want next.


Features of the Pixel XL

The Pixel XL looms large with a load of hot features! Here are just some of the characteristics that are making it a new favorite among Android users and Google phone fans:


  • Google Assistant. You can tell your phone what to do instead of having to type instructions or questions. No need to swipe and tap icons these days; you can simply tell your phone to set an alarm, call a contact, give you directions to a restaurant, search a question, and much more.
  • Unlimited Storage. Thanks to Google Photos, Google Docs, and other “Smart Storage” in the cloud, you will never get one of those annoying warnings that your storage is full. All of your photos, videos, and other data get backed up and stored in the cloud, meaning your storage is limitless. On top of that, you’ll never lose your photos, even if you were to lose your phone!
  • Super-sized Screen. As its XL designation suggests, the Pixel XL sports the largest screen in the Google series, measuring five and a half inches. Protected with Corning’s tough Gorilla Glass 4 and featuring high resolution (pixel density of 534 ppi), this screen is the closest you can come to a personal theater in the palm of your hand.
  • VR Friendly. In combination with the Daydream View virtual reality headset, you can play games and watch movies from the middle of the action!
  • Super-charging battery. The Pixel XL charges more quickly than anything you’ve seen before, loading seven hours of battery in just a quarter hour of charging. At a full charge, it runs for hours and hours, even when you are engaging in activities that usually drain batteries, like watching video playback.



What Users Love About the Pixel XL


One of the features that prominently appear in reviews is the high quality of pictures taken with the Pixel XL camera. Even its front camera delivers high quality pictures, while the main camera has 12.3 megapixels and (true to its name) a large pixel size for high quality photos in low light. The industry standard for measuring camera and lens quality is DxO, and that metric rates the Pixel XL as the highest ranked phone camera ever.


User reviews of the Pixel XL are laden with comments on the exceptional camera, amazing battery life, and superb functionality of Google Assistant. The Pixel is a favorite among technology reviewers as well as users.


All in all, it seems likely that users of the Google Pixel XL will remain “Google phone loyalists” now that they’ve had a taste of the features and functionality on this phone!




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