LG V40 with five cameras. How does that work?

LG V40
A guess on how LG V40 could look like

While we are just getting used to the idea of dual cameras being on every high-end smartphone. While we are talking about Galaxy S10 possibly be with a triple-camera. LG just knocks the ball out of the court with the rumor of our sources, that LG V40 is planning on having not one, not two or three and not even four but five cameras. Yes, five cameras. I mean, do you think it will ever stop?

LG V30
LG V30

Dual and triple cameras in smartphones

A dual camera can help you get an image that is sharper and with more detail, enable and ultra-wide-angle mode or to help you take photos with a shallow depth of field to make the subject stand out. In a triple camera, the two of the cameras basically have the same functions as dual-camera cameras, but the third camera is used for zoom. A zoom that uses a mixture of the three cameras to try and improve the quality of the photo.

Huawei P20 Pro
Huawei P20 Pro with triple-camera

LG V40 with five cameras. How that works?

When you read the tittle did you think that there will be like five cameras in a row on the back of the phone? Well, while we all sure would like to see how that would look like… I’m sorry to disappoint you and tell you that the back of the phone will have a triple-camera and the front will have two cameras. Sorry, didn’t want to fool you with that title, but we went through the same emotions when we received our sources report. But that does not mean that LG V40 is shaping up to be a big deal.

LG V40
A guess on how LG V40 could look like

LG V40 triple and dual cameras

LG V40 is reported to have a triple camera on the back of the phone, similar to Huawei P20 Pro, which by the way is the first major smartphone to offer this magnificent triple camera system. How it works on Huawei P20 Pro is that: Two of the cameras are combined into a raised unit, comprising 40-megapixel color and 20-megapixel monochrome cameras. The third camera is used for zoom. It has an 8-megapixel sensor, but the lens offers 3x optical zoom and there is a composite 5x hybrid zoom that uses a mixture of the three cameras to try and improve the quality of the photo as we stated before. But on the front of the device it will feature a dual camera, similar to HTC U12 Plus.

HTC U12 Plus
HTC U12 Plus

The purpose of this front dual camera is rumored to be a stereo system to follow for 3D face mapping and unlocking.

So, LG V40 will have a triple camera on the back – we have seen that. It also will have a dual camera on the front and we have seen that on other smartphones too. But never before have we seen these two complicated and delicate camera systems in one phone. So, LG will definitely stand out with V40.

When will we see LG V40 in real life?

Well, V30 was announced during customer electronics show IFA in Berlin and at the beginning of September in 2017. Typically, we would expect LG V40 to arrive one year after the V30, most likely at IFA 2018. But unfortunately, a report received in March suggests that the launch will be pushed form September to November.



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