Samsung Galaxy Note 9 reveal date

Samsung galaxy note 9 reveal date
Note 8

The August 9th was the date that earlier this month Bloomberg was rumoring about. And the Note 9 itself recently cleared the FCC. So, we were kind of expecting Samsung Galaxy Note announcement date to be reported to everyone. And now Samsung has kind of confirmed it by sending out invitations for an event on August 9th for a new Galaxy device. Though it does not say Note 9 will be the new device, there is a picture of Note S pen. And the timing is rather accurate and we are almost certain that August 9th will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 reveal date.

Samsung galaxy note 9 reveal date
A snap of Samsung invitation for the event on August 9th

What will Note 9 look like?

Well, as for Note 9 tech specs, there has not been a rumor that would make our eyes pop-out. Rumors have indicated that the device will be similar to Note 8 but upgraded version of course. The focus properly will be on the improved camera and not making Note 9 with a completely new design comparing to Note 8. It is no secret that all the smartphone manufacturing giants really have put  heavy emphasis on improving camera systems for the past years. Huawei with triple camera on P20 Pro, HTC with dual front camera on U12 Plus, LG rumored to have five cameras in total (triple on the back and dual on the front) and the list goes on.

We can draw parallels with last year’s Galaxy S8 and this year’s S9. The video invitation also seems to suggest that Note 9 may be available in a new color – yellow.

Samsung galaxy note 9 reveal date guess on Note 9 design

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 dimensions have been leaked. They say that the new Note 9 will be slightly shorter and marginally wider and also thicker (161.9 x 76.3 x 8.8 mm) than Galaxy Note 8 (162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm).

Note 9 in-screen fingerprint sensor

The biggest and most exciting news about Note 9, that makes the new device stand out is that it might have in screen fingerprint scanner. Other phones like Vivo Nex, Porche Design Mate RS have already been released with in-screen fingerprint sensors. Now Samsung is reported to be looking into testing multiple in-screen solutions of their own. This innovation could mean that there could be more space for a larger battery (3,850mAh) for Note 9. But while it is true that Samsung is testing this new technology it does not mean that it will be included in Note 9. It could be too early for that and we should expect in-screen fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S10.

Samsung galaxy note 9 reveal date
Credit: @OnLeaks/ 91 mobiles

Apple has also been reported on working on in-screen sensors, but they have repeatedly failed to achieve it. We’ll see who’s gonna get it right first.

It’s true that this technology is not completely new and it already is working in Huawei and Vivo newest smartphones. But the difference is that Samsung is said to be using an ultrasonic-based in-screen fingerprint sensor. Whereas others use light-based optical under-glass fingerprint sensors.

When Note 9 will be released?

Well, If the reveal will be in August 9th the new Samsung flagship device should be in customers hands late August or early September at the very least.

Samsung galaxy note 9 reveal date
Guess on Note 9 design

How much will Galaxy Note 9 cost?

While we can’t give you the exact number on how much Note 9 will cost. We can promise you this – it’s going to be expensive. Note 8 was expensive and chances are Note 9 will cost even more that Note 8. Note 8 price at launch was $929. And since Apple have really stepped up with their price for iPhone X, it is very likely that Note 9 will match iPhone X price ($999) or even go over it.

What’s the conclusion?

As the Samsung galaxy Note 9 reveal date is approaching there will be even more rumors and speculations pouring in about what Note 9 will be able to do, what it will look like and how much will it cost. But sit tight, we will know the real info form the core source Samsung itself in August 9th.


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